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Strategies That Win Slots

Looking for a way to get an edge on the online gaming world ? Even though winning slots has a lot to do with luck, the outcome could be better if players follow the below guidelines.

Join Multiple Sites

Sign up with a few sites that provide different choices and strategy to test the field. Register with a couple of sites, and when things are not going your way in one casino, cash out and move on to another casino.

Don't Get Attached

Are you a little too attached? One of the biggest mistakes slot players make is getting too attached to just one slot machine. Contrary to what you may believe, the odds of winning do not increase if you sit at one slot machine because the Random Number Generator (RNG) generates a totally random spin. Switch slot machines often. It's a smart move that will also make playing more fun.

Go for the Jackpot

If you play the maximum bet, you could win the jackpot. If you do not play the maximum bet, you could end up with winning symbols, but not the jackpot. Each spin is random, so you're taking a chance on losing, but you are also taking a chance on winning big.

Shake It Up

On days when luck just isn't on your side, you can either stop playing during that gaming session or change what you are doing by moving from machine to machine until you win. Some experts say that just 2 consecutive losses at the same machine should trigger you to move to another slot machine until you win.

Win and Walk Away

Once you've made a big win, walk away! Do not throw your winnings away by putting them back into the slot machines. It's your money now, so don't give it back to the casino.

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